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(281) 330-9229


Our company was specifically designed to keep busy families connected, productive, entertained, and very, very happy.


Contact us if you need a hand.  We do things differently, and we know that you will appreciate the difference.

What makes us different? Genuine personal service.

We can come to your home and do the work on site or we can pick up the device and return it to you later, whichever is most convenient for you. (We respect your busy schedule.)

We can remove viruses, pop-up ads, and "mystery messages" without losing your data. (We respect the irreplaceable parts of your life that have been stored on your computer.)

We can replace or upgrade computer parts so that you don't need to buy a new machine. (We respect your wallet, too.)

We can set up Internet security software and an automatic backup system that will insure that your data stays safe without extra effort.

We can configure your phones, tablets, printers, and wireless routers so that you get all the fun and functionality that you paid for.

Most important of all, we respect our customers by providing these services on your terms.  We will work hard to minimize the cost and disruption of having your vital technology supported.

We can support your family by:

  • Repairing, upgrading or replacing your current computer or laptop;
  • Installing Mac and Windows operating system updates;
  • ​Removing viruses, malware, adware and toolbars;
  • ​Retrieving data from crashed or failing hard drives;
  • Setting up your new or replacement wireless network router;
  • Installing and configuring wireless network extenders (so that your family can use their wireless devices anywhere in your house);
  • Setting up your wired and wireless printers;
  • Setting up all types of cell phones and tablets to use your wireless network (which reduces your cellular data cost and allows you to print wirelessly);
  • Installing or upgrading your home theater video streaming hardware;
  • Installing UPS (battery backup) units and battery replacements;
  • Connecting all types of wired and wireless devices to your home network. This includes computers, laptops, game consoles, media servers, and video streaming devices; and
  • ​Setting up an off-site backup system to prevent the loss of your irreplaceable data.


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