(281) 330-9229


(281) 330-9229


Why does Family Size exist?

Because personal technologies are everywhere, and most people

need a helping hand to get them to run right!


We love our phones, tablets, laptops, computers, gaming consoles and video streaming systems. We have come to depend on reliable printers and wireless networks.


It has become difficult to imagine living our daily lives without our beloved gadgets. They help us stay connected to our job, our family, and the world around us. And they help us get stuff done. Everything from doing school homework to running a small business depends on our personal technologies working properly every day.

The problem is that these devices, if they're going to work reliably, usually require complicated setup procedures, frequent software updates and occasional hardware repairs and upgrades. And when something goes wrong, it's hard to find qualified tech support.

That's why Family Size was created.  We specialize in providing professional grade tech support to individuals, families and small businesses.

​So, contact us when you experience problems with your personal technology.

​We're here to help.

​​Family Size HTS has been

recognized by​ Angie's List​

as a "Super Service"

provider in 2013, 2014,

2015 and again in 2016.